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This calculator allows you to compare up to 3 credit card Balance Transfer offers side by side.

  1. Enter the Balance Transfer Amount, Monthly Payment and Minimum Monthly Purchases (if any).
  2. Enter the details of each card you want to compare.
  3. li>When you are finished entering the data, click the Calculate button to see your results.

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Balance transfer amount: $
Monthly payment : $
Monthly purchases required (if any): $
Card Features Card #1
Card #2
Card #3
Interest Rate:
   %    %    %
Introductory Term (months)
Regular Interest Rate:    %    %    %
Annual fee:  $      $      $    
Transfer fee:    %    %    %
Transfer fee cap:  $      $      $    
Cash back:    %    %    %
Results Card #1 Card #2 Card #3
Months to pay off: debt
Transfer fee:
Total annual fees:
Total interest:
Total cost:
Less cash back:
Net cost:


  1. Balance Transfer Amount Field - The total dollar amount to be transferred to another credit card.
  2. Monthly Payment Field - Select the monthly payment you will be paying. If you choose "fixed Payment", enter the amount, otherwise the payment will be calculated for you based on the percentage you select.
  3. Monthly Purchases Required Field - If any of the cards require a minimum monthly purchase to qualify for the introductory rate, enter it here.
  4. Introductory Interest Rate Field - The introductory rate for each card. Enter the rate as a percentage (e.g 2.99%) or zero.
  5. Introductory Term Field - The introductory term in months for each card.
  6. Regular Interest Rate Field - The interest rate which will apply for each card after the introductory term ends. Enter the rate as a percentage (e.g 2.99%) or zero.
  7. Annual Fee Field - If the card charges an annual fee enter it here, otherwise leave the field blank or enter a zero.
  8. Transfer Fee Field - If any of the cards charge a fee for a balance transfer, enter it here.
  9. Transfer Fee Cap Field - If there is a transfer fee cap or maximum enter it here, otherwise leave the field blank.
  10. Cash Back Field - If any of the cards offer a cash back incentive, enter it as a percentage here (e.g 1%), otherwise leave the field blank.




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