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This calculator is designed to help you generate a wide range of QR Codes for URLs, phone numbers, sms text messages, contact details and any other block of text you choose.

You can easily generate a QR Code that redirects to a URL or web address, however QR Codes can do so much more. For example, if you select the SMS tab and enter a phone number and message, the resulting QR Code sets up an SMS text message when scanned on a phone. Alternatively, you can select the Contact tab and enter your details to create a QR Code business card or vCard.

  1. Choose the type of QR Code you want to create.
  2. Enter the relevant data for that type of Code.
  3. The QR Code will be generated and updated automatically as you enter or change your data.
  4. Click the Download QR Code button to download the code image in PNG format.

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QR Code Calculator



  1. QR Code stands for quick response code and is a type of matrix (two-dimensional) barcode that can store data.
  2. It is commonly believed that QR Codes are meant to store URLs or web links, however they can also store a much wider range of data such as:
    • Telephone numbers.
    • SMS text messages.
    • Contact details.
    • Account login details.
    • Wi-Fi access codes such as SSID, password and encryption type.
    • Payment information.
    • Electronic check-in.
    • Restaurant menus.
    • Blocks of text generally.
  3. QR Codes can encode 3KB of data which means they can hold 4,269 alphanumeric or 7,089 numeric characters.
  4. QR Code vCards are digital business cards that display full contact details for a person or business. They are a quick and easy way to share and store contact information and import it into email programs such as Gmail or Outlook.
  5. Any smart device with a camera can read a QR Code. For example, many recent smartphones have a built-in QR Code Reader in the camera. If you don't have a built-in QR code reader, you can download one of the many third-party apps from the App or Play Store. There are also many such apps that allow you to read QR Codes on a PC or MAC.
  6. QR Codes have been gradually gaining popularity since they were invented in the 1990s, however their widespread use during the global COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant growth and brought them to the mainstream.
  7. QR codes are now an essential tool in business, marketing and communications, helping to connect and communicate with customers.
  8. Finally, remember security. Although QR Codes are not dangerous themselves, you still need to ensure you only scan them from sources you trust because they can direct you to unsafe destinations such as malicious web sites.




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