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This calculator is designed to count how many words, characters, sentences and paragraphs are contained in a block of text such as an article, headline or caption. It is particularly useful to manage a character limit imposed by an essay question or a social media site such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Simply enter or paste your text into the text box below.
  2. The number of words and characters will be counted and updated automatically as you enter or change your text.
  3. If you have a word or character limit for a particular situation, you can use this Word Calculator to edit your text until it fits your limit, copy the result by clicking on the "Copy To Clipboard" button, then paste the edited result into your application or form.

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  1. If the word or character count is more than you expected, remember that blocks of text usually include many hidden characters such as spaces, tabs, new and blank lines. These non-printing characters are excluded from the "Non-Whitespace Characters" value, whereas the "Characters" value gives you the total character count for a block of text.
  2. Periods and full stops are used to calculate the number of sentences, therefore abbreviations that include these characters, such as Dr. or St., may lead to an inaccurate sentence count.
  3. There are many situations where a character limit applies:
    • SMS text messages have a 160 character limit.
    • Twitter has a 280 character limit for tweets.
    • Instagram captions have a 2,200 character limit.
    • LinkedIn has a 3,000 character limit for posts.
    • Pinterest pins have a 500 character limit.
    • Ebay listings have many limits. For example, the title has an 80 character limit.
    • Facebook is very generous with most of its limits, however Page descriptions have a limit of 255 characters.
    • QR Codes have a 4,269 alphanumeric character limit.
  4. Word limits are also very common, particularly in teaching settings where essays and assignments usually have limits. However, many submission forms all over the Internet also have word limits and it's often challenging to squeeze a description or narrative into a limited number of words.




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