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You can use this calculator to calculate your total hours worked and total pay for a week. Optionally, you can also print a personalized Timesheet if you wish.

  1. Please note that the Name and Period Ending values are optional. These are only used if you want to print a Timesheet.
  2. Enter your regular pay rate and any overtime rules that apply to your work.
  3. Select the Start Date. This can be a specific date or simply a day of the week.
  4. Choose how you want the time totals to be displayed. This can be in the time format "HH:MM" (hours:minutes) or the decimal format "HH.HH" (hours.decimal) which shows partial hours in 0.1 increments.
  5. Please enter times with or without a colon (:). For example, you can enter 2:00PM as "2", "200", "2:00" or 24-hour time "1400" or "14:00". Please don't use a period (.). This calculator reads periods as a decimal so 2.25 means 2¼ hours. AM and PM are usually not required.
  6. Enter the relevant "In" and "Out" times for each day you worked.
  7. Morning and afternoon are used so you can allow for lunch or other breaks.
  8. When you are finished entering the data, click the Calculate button to see your results.
  9. Click the Print A Timesheet button if you want to print a copy.

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