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You can use this calculator to analyse statistical data. It will calculate mean, median, mode, standard deviation, range and more from a set of data.

Simply enter the data using the examples below then click the "calculate" button.

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Statistical Data

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37 16 29.5 18

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This calculator returns the following values for a data set:

  • Maximum - The highest value in the data set.
  • Minimum - The lowest value in the data set.
  • Sum - The addition of all values in the data set.
  • Mean - The addition of all values divided by the total number of values.
  • Median - The middle value in the data set.
  • Range - The difference between the lowest and highest values.
  • Midrange - The mean of the maximum and minimum values in the data set.
  • Standard Deviation - The amount of variation from the mean value in the data set.
  • Percentage Unique - The percentage of values in the data set that are unique.




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