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You can use this calculator to check if an email address is properly formatted, valid and working.


  1. Enter the email address you want to check.
  2. Click the "calculate" button to start processing.
  3. The calculator will start by checking that the email address is in the correct format.
  4. It will then check if this email address exists on the Internet. If the address doesn't exist, you will see a result quickly.
  5. If the address does exist, the calculator will check the actual mailserver to see if an account exists in that name. Please be patient because this search can take several minutes, depending on the speed of the relevant mailserver.

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  1. We do not record email addresses entered in this calculator or use them for any purpose.
  2. No email messages are sent to anybody by this calculator. It only checks for an operational email server.
  3. We're sorry we cannot guarantee these results are always acccurate.
  4. This calculator has a limit of 3 submissions per day to prevent abuse. Please contact us if you would like this limit increased.




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