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This calculator is designed to help you create and manage a financial calendar for any year in a fiscal year format. It can also help you select a list or range of dates based on many criteria such as Quarter, Period (Month), Week or Day-by-Day.

  1. You can start the fiscal year in any month and select any year within 10 years of today, past or future.
  2. Click on any date to add it to the selection list. Clicking on a selected date will remove it from the list.
  3. Click on the day of the week header (M,T,W,T,F,S,S) to select the day column of the current month.
  4. Click on the week number to select the week row of the current month.
  5. Click on a quarter or period header to select an entire quarter/month.
  6. Hold the Shift, Ctrl or Alt key to select/remove multiple dates by range.
  7. Click and drag on dates to select a range or right-click to deselect a range.

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  1. This calculator is based on a 4-4-5 fiscal calendar. These calendars are commonly used in many industries, such as retail and manufacturing, to manage accounting periods.
  2. 4–4–5 calendars divide a given year into 4 quarters, each comprising 13 weeks divided into 2 Periods (months) of 4 weeks and 1 Period (month) of 5 weeks.
  3. The last day (2 days for leap years) of the last quarter is not shown. This is because 4-4-5 calendars only cover 364 days of a year.




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