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This calculator will help you to determine your assets and liablilities and calculate your Net Worth.

  1. Enter the values of your Assets and Liabilities.
  2. Leave the box blank if a particular question is not relevant to your situation.
  3. When you are finished entering the data, click the Calculate button to see your results.
Assets - What You Own
If you own your home, enter its estimated current market value here. Ignore the amount owing on your mortgage. $
Enter the market values of all of the cars that you own. Again, ignore any car loans you may have. $
Other Vehicles
If you own a boat, motor home, motorcycle, etc., enter the market value for these items here. $
If you own jewellery of value (perhaps an engagement ring), enter the estimated value here. $
Special Items
Cameras, computers, etc. Enter the amount you could get if you sold the items today. $
Furniture & Household Items
Estimate the total value of your furniture, appliances, electronics, etc. If you were to have a garage sale today what would you get for all these items? $
Cheque & Savings Accounts
Add up the current balance of your regular cheque and savings accounts. $
Retirement Accounts
Add up the value of all your Superannuation, Rollovers etc. $
Managed Funds
If you invest in any managed funds, enter the total value of the funds here. $
If you own any shares, enter their total value here. $
Life Insurance
If you have a life insurance policy with a cash value, enter it here. $
Other Assets
Enter here anything else you can think of that has value if you were to sell it. $
Liabilities - What You Owe
Mortgage Principal
If you have a mortgage, enter the amount of principal you owe here. $
Leases or Hire Purchase
If you have any leases etc. on any cars or other equipment, enter the balance owing here. $
Personal Loans
If you have any personal loans, enter the balance owing here. $
Credit Cards
Enter the balance due on all of your credit cards here. $
Other Liabilities
Enter any other liabilities here. $
Click this button to calculate your net worth.
Total Assets $
Total Liabilities $
Your Net Worth $


  1. Net worth measures the total wealth of a person, family, business or other entity. It can be calculated by adding the total value of your assets and subtracting the total value of your liabilities. In other words, positive net worth is the amount by which your total assets exceed your total liabilities. On the other hand, if your total liabilities exceed your total assets, you have a negative net worth and are in debt by that amount.
  2. Net worth is commonly used to assess the strength of your current financial position and is a good indicator of your overall financial health.
  3. Calculating your net worth can also help you to identify excess expenses and thereby minimise debt.




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