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You can use this calculator to generate random secure passwords which include upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Your password can be as long or short as you wish, and you can optionally add additional special characters.


  1. Enter the number of characters you want in your password. A minimum of 10 is recommended.
  2. Add additional special characters if you wish. This is optional.
  3. When you are finished entering the data, Click the Calculate button to see your results.

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Number of Characters
Optional Special Characters



  1. This calculator generates passwords using the character sets 'A-Z', 'a-z', '0-9' and the special characters '!, @, %, ^, *'. You can add additional special characters if you wish.
  2. Currently, the minimum standard usually requires a secure password to include at least the following:
    • 10 characters.
    • 1 uppercase letter.
    • 1 lowercase letter.
    • 1 digit.
    • 1 special character.
  3. For security reasons, it's never a good idea to use common words or personal information in passwords.
  4. Never use the same password for all of your accounts. If that password is compromised, all of your accounts will be put at risk.
  5. If managing multiple passwords becomes a problem for you, we recommend using a password manager such as the one included in your browser. There are also more advanced solutions such as 1Password and LastPass.
  6. In addition to a secure password, we also recommend using 2-Factor Authentication for maximum security, whenever possible.




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