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This calculator is designed to give you a broad estimate of the cost of using a web designer to develop a web site. Alternatively, if you build your own web site, it will help you value your work.

  1. Enter your requirements for the basic services needed by all web sites - domain name, web hosting and web pages.
  2. Enter other optional requirements you may need for your web site.
  3. The results will be calculated automatically as you change each of the fields.

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Number of Pages
Type of Domain Name Top Level Domain
      (com, net, org etc.)
Country Domain
      (au, uk, us etc.)
I already own one.
Web Hosting Yes.

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Image Gallery Yes.
Rotating Image Gallery on Home Page Yes.
Newsletter/Subscription Form Yes.
Videos Yes.
Membership System Yes.
Web Board/Guestbook/Forum Yes.
Google Interactive Map Yes.
Accept Online Payments/Paypal Yes.
Google Adsense Advertising Yes.
Animated Banners Yes.
Image/Graphic/Logo Creation Yes.
Article Pages Yes.
iPhone App Yes.
Mini site optimised for mobile devices Yes.
Site/Product Search Yes.
Visitor File Uploads Yes.


This result is only a guide. The cost of building a web site may vary depending on a range of factors including industry, market and country of operation. Please consult a specialist for a specific cost based on your situation.




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