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This calculator will help you calculate the periodical and total interest for up to 10 credit cards and the period of time it will take to pay them all off. It will also calculate an amortisation schedule for your credit cards.

  1. Enter the relevant values for your credit card.
  2. If you need to work with more than 1 credit card, use the "Add more credit cards" option. You can select any number up to 10 cards.
  3. Your result will be calculated automatically as you change each of the fields.
  4. If you wish to print the resulting Amortisation Table, please click on the Print Payment Schedule button.

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Credit Card Current bal. ($) Interest (% p.a) Monthly payment ($)
Add more credit card(s)



  1. This calculator is applicable to both personal and business credit cards.
  2. It doesn't allow for introductory or low-start interest rates. To calculate with these options, please use our Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator.
  3. It assumes that no further purchases are added to the credit card during the repayment term.
  4. Results are rounded to the nearest whole number. Cents are not shown.




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