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Is There A TI-84 Calculator Online?Every student has to start using a calculator at some point to be able to solve more complicated math problems in a shorter time frame. After all, the alternative is learning complex functions that take a long time to perform. More importantly, during a math test, time is of the essence.

When discussing handheld calculators, you must mention the Texas Instruments calculators. These include the TI-84 and other models like the TI-84 Plus C and TI-84 Plus CE.

Even though the original TI-84 was released in 2004, it's still in use today since Texas Instruments keep releasing software updates that help the calculator keep up with the latest technological advancements.

However, with a great calculator comes a hefty price tag and not all students can afford to pay up to $140 for a calculator. So a question presents itself, can you use an online TI-84 calculator?

Can You Use a TI-84 Calculator Online?

You can find online versions of some calculators like Casio, which usually have a large picture of the calculator. You can press its buttons using your cursor and perform calculations the same way you would with a handheld calculator. However, if you're looking for an exact online replica of the TI-84, there isn't one. The closest you can get is a paid yearly subscription for a browser-based app you can use on a computer but not a phone or tablet. Click here for more information from the Texas Instruments website.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an online calculator that performs the same functions as the TI-84, you'll be pleased to learn that many exist, with some even performing specific tasks better than the TI-84 itself.

This is because your computer is substantially more powerful than a handheld calculator. Therefore, an online calculator can compute functions at a higher speed.

What Operations Can a TI-84 Calculator Perform?

Although purchasing a TI-84 calculator is quite an investment, the number of features and advantages that come with it is unmatchable. And that's also the reason for its huge popularity.

Algebra and Calculus

Like any ordinary calculator, the TI-84 does the most basic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. However, it can also do some algebraic equations, like the quadratic formula, involving a variable, coefficients and constants that would typically take much longer to calculate.

The TI-84 is also designed to do calculus and solve problems that involve trigonometric functions like the sine, cosine and tangent.


Is There A TI-84 Calculator Online?Graphing is arguably the feature that put Texas Instruments' calculators on the map. You don't have to draw an entire graph to find a point on a line; the TI-84 does it for you in a second.

The graphing option can draw a graph when you enter its equation, fitting a line to data, and even more complicated things like tracing a curve and calculating the area under it. This operation generally takes any student a few minutes to complete without a calculator.


Matrix problems are generally known for taking a long time to solve without a calculator. Some problems require you to keep adding individual rows of matrices over and over until you reach the end result. That's time you don't always have during a test.

Worse still, making a small mistake like adding the wrong number or forgetting the negative sign in the first few steps means you'll spend the next five to ten minutes working towards a dead end.

So to make millions of students' lives easier, Texas Instruments added the matrix function to their calculators. This means that you don't only save time but you're also confident about the accuracy of your answer.


This feature is impressive to some people, but it's not that big of a deal to others. Texas Instruments allow you to code Python on their calculator, a feature that made many programmers happy worldwide.

This means you can program anything from simple algorithms to help you learn the coding to interactive games on your calculator.

Finance Tools

This valuable feature is overlooked by many. The finance tools programmed into the calculator allow you to calculate interest payments on loans, interest gains on investments and other things like depreciation rates.

Online Alternatives to a TI-84 Calculator

While many online calculators that serve the same purpose as the TI-84 exist over the internet, if you're going the online route, you might as well use calculators that specialize in a particular field rather than an all-purpose one.

For example, if you're looking for the graphing function of the TI-84, you should check out the GeoGebra graphing calculator, which specializes in graphs. As a result, it has more functions and provides more tools than the graphing function of the TI-84.

On the other hand, instead of using the calculus functions on the TI-84, many online websites like SymboLab specialize in calculus. This means they can solve more complex calculus problems in less time and even show you the steps it took to reach the final result.

Regarding matrices, using an online calculator is always better than using a handheld one. This is because a matrix problem takes a lot of steps to solve, and more complex ones need a more powerful device to get you an answer as quickly as possible.


While a TI-84 calculator is a powerful tool in any person's hands, looking for a replica of the calculator online will most likely lead to a dead end. However, some alternatives perform the same functions the TI-84 does.

For example, GeoGebra is a great graphing calculator, SymboLab does complex calculus problems with steps, and you can easily find powerful finance and coding tools online.




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